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The Early Years

by Laura Rafetseder

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Marianne 03:34
i met her once upon a time she caught me when i caught her eye i listened to her wicked rhymes and loved her for her crazy lies we danced upon a rope on fire not thinking of the fall lying down beneath the grass and hoping we could save just one moment before it was gone marianne will never fly marianne will never know what it means to fly with the changes autumn brings and with the sighing of the wind marianne says goodbye prepairing for a better life i never thought i could be afraid of the thought that she might leave i thought i knew her by her song but everytime i thought i could reach her she was gone
Fallen Star 02:57
The world keeps turning everyday She shuts her eyes and walks away She moves along her only guide the starlight she calls me fallen star I find her in some foreign field her eyes are bright her lips are sealed she comes and lifts that foggy night the starlight what is that sounds it sounds like rolling thunder what is that sound the wind keeps blowing under
Soul Mate 03:12
Found you in a bunch of well known melodies whispering to me that i know you too i wont sing another single song again if its not that song i wrote for you soul mate no one ever feels the way i do if i ever find that you can feel it too you might fall for me and i might fall for you we might fall for each other too your eyes are filled with daydreams that are friends of mine hope that you will live them out one day i hope we'll dream together till the end of time hope you wont regret it if u wake up hope you wont regret it someday
I went to the lark in the morning to see what the future will bring but oh my heart was a breaking when the lark in the morning did sing there i lost my words in the music cos the music spoke for itself and the songs spoke up for the people so that they could speak up for themselves sing to me you distant voices paint a picture of pain and loss like me you stopped believing in this place that will never exist i went to the lark in the morning and i listened closely and still and oh my heart was a breaking when the lark in the morning did sing i gave in to this feeling of sadness like a blanket it covered my heart lord this world if feels like a puzzle and i look for the missing parts so i saw the uncounted millions who have nowhere to go like me they are strangers to a world thats blind and cold i went to the lark in the morning and i listened closely and still and oh my heart was a breaking when the lark in the morning did sing and her songs they echo the battles that were lost a long time ago like chains they keep us tied to a nation instead of a home and the lark will never stop singing and it sings for people like me and her tunes will never arrive in this land of fortune and dreams
Autumn comes and summer leaves sky reflections hold me where you left me with a telescope looking out for you and with the turning of the seasons i understand now why you had to go to find a place in this world chorus still your name is written in the sky like a halo where the evening sun hits my eyes and there's room where my blanket unfolds to cover the empty space next to me yesterday's cigarettes fill the ashtray at my bed last year's smoke hangs in the air and its you that i miss and with the turning of the seasons i understand now why you had to go to find a place in this world and now im standing on the leaves that the wind collected there is a hint of forgiveness in the light of the day and with the turning of the seasons i understand now why you had to go to find a place in this world
tonight my heart feels at home as if this city were my own this city that i look on Vienna at my feet ottakring lies still reflecting how i feel each light like a candle this roof like a throne Vienna at my feet Tonight the ferris wheel glows out on the horizon this city is the night sky Vienna at my feet to me the only comfort she holds me like a child and puts me at ease Vienna at my feet tonight i watch the hours move on this church clock in the distance and time holds its breath and lays this city down puts it gently to sleep Vienna at my feet i watch this feeling grow it pins me down let this city conquer me and let me be the conquered Vienna at my feet tonight i feel like an old soul as if i´ve always been there as if i were the rocks on which this city was built that have seen it burned down and rebuilt stone by stone i am vienna at my feet
don´t say a word you´ll ruin the moment don´t make a move we´ve done enough there´s oceans between us to wide to cross and each thing i say is making things worse chorus please take a break heart you´ve raced enough fought too many battles it´s time to rest the night is still the air smells of roses this summer rain has come to an end the webs we are caught in are too tight to move we don´t know they hold us as we struggle to breathe clouds swell with rain my heart swells with sorrow refusing to see always longing for tomorrow i listen to silence too quiet to hear it´s hidden by noises i make out of fear please let me hear heart i´ve had enough enough of these noises it´s time to be
Listen to the rain there's a cloud shadowing my dreams like a shroud i can feel the wind blow and it blows my mind and i feel most achingly that im done Looking at the moon and the stars all around i might choose the sky instead of the ground when you sang your songs of silence it broke my heart and i long most achingly for the dawn Will i ever see the night Will i ever be with the light when i read under the milkwood i found my own truth and i see most achingly what i did


"The Early Years" are recordings from the noughties - from Laura Rafetseder's "early years". 2007 was a gap year between the first version of Laura's band "Laura & the Comrats" and the second. The solo recordings have not been published to date - until now. They were found in lockdown during the pandemic while sorting out old boxes. Among those recordings you can find solo versions of Vienna at my feet (previously published on "Creating Memories" in 2010) and Marianne (previously published in a band version on "Make me Whole again" in 2006). The other recordings are so far completely unpublished songs. Many were written in the early 2000s when Laura was in her 20s. ​

Laura: "I write different of course today compared to 20 years ago. These songs have a certain innocence, they are really sweet, my voice is still brighter, they are demo recordings, but full of charm. They are like tender musical clouds on a blue summer sky."


released October 15, 2021

Recorded and mixed by: Hannes Eppich
Mastered by: Jürgen Plank, Lindo Records
Words and music by: Laura Rafetseder
C: Lindo Records 2021


all rights reserved



Laura Rafetseder Vienna, Austria

Singer/Songwriter Laura Rafetseder has made herself a name among the Vienna Singer/Songwriter Scene with her band Laura & the Comrats and their debut album Creating Memories. In 2012 she released her first solo album The Minor Key Club, and in autumn 2016 second album Swimmers in the Arctic Sea. ... more

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